Report Bang!

Sunday 8 January 2017

“Bang, Bang, he shot me down.
Bang bang, I hit the ground.
Bang bang, that awful sound.
Bang bang, my baby shot me down.”
It lingered for days. That ‘tune’ that Jan De Smet played so eagerly every time the word ‘BANG!’ fell during the performance. And everyone unanimously agreed that it was great. Ivan De Vadder brought his ‘year in review’ in a fantastic way, even in a language that is so typical for the political community all over the world (or ‘Wetstratees’ in Dutch). At no point in time throughout the performance did the plea loose its intensity and speed. And the illustrations of Karl Meersman guided the performance in a masterly way.
The one who thought that this performance would only be about the political reality and terrorist threats was very wrong. Sagan for example, he and his flower girl, they also appeared. And our music heroes. It was a black year in music history. That is a fact. The illustration of ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’, at his asteroid with that other ‘little prince’ of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’. That was striking too.
And the audience was very much engaged and reacted to every unexpected wordplay, every surprising illustration or every sarcastic music moment.
What a success!
A warm THANK YOU to Ivan De Vadder, Jan De Smet and Karl Meersman, to the entire production team and to KBC who made this performance possible.
A warm feeling of gratitude as well for the support of so many beautiful people. For the audience of course that was so engaged and were so many to support our organization.
The enjoyable conversations after the performance, the interest for BABC and its activities. It only strengthened our belief that we can make a difference for many patients and their families.
‘BANG! BANG!’ indeed…the year could not have started in a more beautiful way!
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Some pictures of the event!