• Ablative / ablation

    The removal of human tissue by surgery

    Keywords: ablatief, ablatio, ablation and ablative

  • Adjuvant


    Keywords: adjuvant and adjuverend

  • Anastomosis

    Surgical procedure to establish a connection between blood vessels or between nerve-ends

    Keywords: anastomose and anastomosis

  • Capsular contracture

    Contraction of the scar tissue formed around an implant

    Keywords: capsular contracture, kapselcontractuur, capsular and contracture

  • Congenital

    Genetically determined deformation, present from birth

    Keywords: congenital, congenitaal and congénital

  • Gluteal

    From the buttock

    Keywords: gluteal, glutéal and gluteaal

  • Haematoma

    Localised collection of blood

    Keywords: haematoma, hematoom and hématome

  • Incidence

    The number of new cases of a specific disease occurring during a certain period in a population

    Keywords: incidence and incidentie

  • Locoregional

    Limited to a localised area

    Keywords: Locoregional, locoregionaal and locorégional

  • Mastectomy

    Surgical removal of the breast

    Keywords: Mastectomy and mastectomie

  • Metastasis

    Spreading of malignant cells in organs distant from the original tumor

    Keywords: metastasis, metastase and Métastase

  • Myocutaneous

    Composed of skin and muscle

    Keywords: myocutaan, myocutaneous and myocutane

  • Oncology

    The knowledge of benign and malignant tumours

    Keywords: oncologie and oncology

  • Oncological surgeon

    Surgeon who is primarily concerned with the removal and treatment of benign and malignant tumours

    Keywords: oncologisch chirurg, oncological surgeon and chirurgien oncologique

  • Perforator flap

    A piece of tissue, usually consisting of skin and subcutaneous fat and blood vessels which perforate the underlying muscle, supplying the blood to the flap

    Keywords: perforatorflap, perforator flap and DIEP

  • Peri-operatively

    Immediately before, during or after surgery

    Keywords: peri-operatief and peri-operatively

  • Pre-operative

    Before surgery

    Keywords: pre-operative, pre-operatief and pré-operatif

  • Post-operative

    After surgery

    Keywords: post-operatief, post-operative and post-opératif

  • Quadrantectomy

    Surgical removal of one quadrant of the breast

    Keywords: Quadrantectomy, kwadrantectomie and quadrantectomie

  • Rectus abdominis muscle

    One of the abdominal muscles

    Keywords: rectus abdominus muscle, rectus abdominis spier and muscle abdominal droit

  • Recurrence

    Development of new tumor cells identical to the original tumor within the same organ

    Keywords: Recurrence

  • Resection

    The surgical removal of a piece of tissue

    Keywords: reseceren, resection, resectie and résection

  • Segmentectomy

    Surgical removal of a small part of the breast

    Keywords: segmentectomy and segmentectomie

  • Skin-sparing mastectomy

    Surgical removal of the breast tissue and nipple but
preservation of the skin envelope, the chest muscles and the breast fold

    Keywords: huidsparende mammectomie, skin-sparing mastectomy and mastectomie, mastectomie avec conservation de l’étui cutané

  • Symmetry

    Both sides look the same

    Keywords: symmetry, symmetrie and symétrie

  • Translucency

    Transmitting light but causing sufficient diffusion to prevent perception of distinct images

    Keywords: translucency, translucentie and translucidité

  • Tumorectomy

    Surgical removal of the tumor with a safety margin

    Keywords: tumorectomy and tumorectomie

  • Pectoralis major spier

    De grote borstspier

    Keywords: pectoralis major spier