Make up can help improve your look, but also your mood. Lipstick, powder and mascara make you feel safer and more attractive: in a word, more beautiful, even during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can give unpleasant aesthetic side effects like the loss of lashes and eyebrows, and irritated or very sensitive skin, with possible color irregularities.

With determination and optimism, it is possible on the one hand to "hide" these effects, and on the other hand to highlight a new kind of beauty, stronger and more aware.

The so-called camouflage products are cosmetic products used like the regular ones, but offering specific features to be tolerated even by sensitive skin or irritated skin. They are hypoallergenic, waterproof, long-lasting and contain a sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be worn at all the time, also if you do not want to put make up on, because the skin is very sensitive and prone to burns in that period.

To camouflage the missing lashes it is possible to apply false eyelashes with a special glue. It is anyway often sufficient to use a water resistent eye liner to delineate the upper and lower eyelid to give greater intensity to the eye without lashes.

Eyebrows can be drawn with a special brush and pencil, replaced by stencils or by a realistic eyebrow in human hair (to be applied with a special glue).

If you do want to wear makeup every day you can intervene with a semi-permanent make-up. This is a non permanent tattoo that can be maintained even after the natural regrowth of hair. Colors used are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and have a very natural effect. The long term effect varies from person to person and can be touched up regularly.

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