As a result of screening, many breast cancers can be detected early. This may reduce mortality from breast cancer.

The screening is based on the following methods:


  • Breast self-examination: a significant proportion of breast cancers are found by women themselves. It is therefore important that women regularly examine their breasts. The best time for premenopausal women to do self-exam is 5-7 days after menstruation, for postmenopausal women, it is best to select a fixed day each month.
  • Clinical examination by a physician: From the age of 40 years a clinical examination by a physician is recommended every 2 years.
  • Mammography: Screening mammography can detect breast cancer at a very early stage, long before it becomes clinically palpable or visible. It is clear that smaller tumors have a much better prognosis. In addition, the treatment for very small tumors is often less invasive and less difficult. For example chemotherapy is not always required.