Breast asymmetry can be congenital or acquired. It is a daily problem that makes it difficult to dress freely and impacts on a woman’s well-being and freedom.

Breast cancer patients can experience breast asymmetry in different phases of their path:

  • after a partial breast resection or a lumpectomy,
  • after a mastectomy without reconstruction,
  • after a mastectomy and insertion of tissue expander, during the tissue expansion phase,
  • after a mastectomy and reconstruction with autologous tissue, until the second operation in which symmetry is achieved,
  • after a unilateral reconstruction with an implant and major body weigh changes,
  • after a complicated or unsatisfactory reconstruction.

In order to overcome temporarily or permanently this problem a number of solutions are available on the market: pocketed bras (see lingerie*,clothing and swimwear*) can be filled with specific bra fillers for different needs. Some special tapes can also be used to fix bra fillers to the skin.

Bra fillers include breast enhancers and breast forms with the nipple-areola complex with different shapes (pear, round, tear-drop with different projections, triangular with different sizes). Most of them are made in silicone, but others are in foams. Some companies produce specific ones for athletic purpose like swimming, or lighter forms reccomended right after surgery when a silicone form is too heavy or uncomfortable. Adhesive nipples can be purchased as well.

Trying these products in a shop with the help of a dedicated shop assistant can make the choice of the right filler easier, but once the customer knows what she needs there are companies on internet that propose cheaper breast forms selling only on internet, dealing only with factories cutting out any middle man, and not spending out on elaborate packaging.

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