From Hope to Joy !

First of all thank you for visiting the Beautiful After Breast Cancer website.

We believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breast cancer should immediately feel reassured that their life has not collapsed – even if at first it seems that way. As millions of women can attest, a full and rich life after breast cancer treatment is possible. We offer patients and their inner circle of family and friends tools that help reinforce this message and enable them to tackle their diagnosis in a positive manner.

We believe that by providing access to objective, reliable information, we put the patient in the driver’s seat, enabling women to make informed decisions about their treatment.

We believe that a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer, which considers patients as health care partners, is essential in order to guide and support women. In addition, we believe that achieving a long term sense of well-being does not necessarily coincide with the end of curative breast cancer treatment.

We believe that increased research can lead to improved medical and surgical techniques, with fewer side-effects and less inconvenience for patients.

We believe that governments, insurers, regulators and health care administrators need to be better informed about the challenges that face breast cancer patients, in order to limit the financial burden placed on both them and their families.

We believe that the healing process for breast cancer involves the physical, emotional and intellectual reconstruction of a patient and our Foundation aims to replace their hope with joy.

The Beautiful After Breast Cancer Foundation has no political or religious agenda.