London again

When I was told that I would need a double mastectomy my world crushed.

I have always been fit, and with a relatively nice figure.... my breast being one of the best features.

I felt that my husband would no longer want me and that he would leave me....

I went to all the top doctors in London, and all of them described the outcomes of their operations as "patched up carnage".

One even suggested putting pig skins inside to cover up my implants.

All doctors were unable to do a double mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction from the belly. I was told that I had enough fat for one breast only.

I was becoming more and more upset and low.

My reconstructive surgeon assured me and my mother (who had to have the same surgery) that we had enough fat for both breasts to be reconstructed at the same time and that there would be only one visible scar on each breast, in contrast to the huge visible scars proposed by the other surgeons.

I was very concerned what I would look like with no nipples, but my oncologist did not see the necessity of my nipples to be removed, so we went ahead with the operation.

My mother had her operation first, it was not an easy road... It lasted very long.

The coming out of the anaesthetic is the hardest and most unpleasant part of all.

The first few days are tough, as you get no sleep, as nurses check you out virtually every 30 mins.

On the 3rd day my mummy was walking. It took a good 7 days to get the energy to fly home.

However, the results... my mother was so happy.... she said that her breasts looked even better than when she was 18.

I was next. Horrible post anaesthetic feeling... pains and aches all over, but the result! Flat, perfect tummy and gorgeous breasts.

My husband has been so happy with the outcome, that it has been like a second honeymoon for us.

All the effects of breastfeeding are breasts are perky, large and perfectly formed.

Last, but not least - The Blondeel team are astounding. Young, beautiful, fun to be with and so so talented!

I am due for my second stage of the procedure, and hope that it is as great as the first one!