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Modern medicine is increasingly transitioning towards preventive care. This shift towards prevention has also been observed in breast cancer care in recent years, particularly with the discovery of the BRCA gene. Subsequently, multiple genes and risk factors have been identified. Depending on these factors, a personalized screening strategy can be chosen. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these genetic and risk factors.


I was diagnosed with cancer ... This website serves as a portal designed to assist you and your loved ones in accessing personal information and finding solutions to your concerns.

The primary goal of this website is to offer guidance and support to patients as they navigate their journey toward recovery and improved quality of life. The "Diagnosis" section of our website is divided into two main categories. Firstly, under "Anatomy and Physiology," we provide fundamental knowledge about the breast. Secondly, in the "Tumors and Disorders" section, we delve deeper into various breast-related conditions.

Moreover, we aim to provide information to women who may be concerned about potential breast issues but are hesitant to seek immediate medical advice. Knowledge and information can often offer immediate reassurance if a woman is able to identify the issue herself and determine that no specific treatment is necessary. Conversely, we also strive to educate women who have received a diagnosis of a serious breast condition, such as breast cancer, and wish to approach their doctor well-informed and prepared.


The treatment for breast cancer should immediately include a discussion about reconstruction. Our foundation has no greater goal than to raise awareness of this among patients and oncological surgeons. By making an informed decision beforehand, we avoid closing off options for later reconstruction while still considering the oncological aspect. Of course, survival is paramount, and the decision of the oncologic surgeon will always take precedence.

The "Reconstruction or not?" page contains all the information you can expect during an initial consultation before undergoing tumor removal. This page is comprehensive, and your plastic surgeon will only provide information relevant to your situation.

"Removing the tumor" details the surgical procedure itself. This is the most crucial operation because effective tumor removal remains paramount. We guide you through the various methods of removal, a decision often made by a multidisciplinary team comprising oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, radiotherapists, breast nurses, gynecologists, oncological surgeons, and plastic surgeons.

The "Breast Reconstruction" section includes information and illustrations of the different reconstruction options along with corresponding steps.


Those treated for cancer often need a long period to recover.

Cancer is a radical illness with a heavy treatment. Often, people have to deal with psychosocial and/or physical problems afterwards, such as stress, anxiety, extreme fatigue, painful joints, reduced fitness, lymphedema... This can have a major impact on general well-being.

There are rehabilitation programmes offered by most hospitals. We cover some of the major topics here.

Quality of life

Quality of life is a key factor in coping with breast cancer. Therefore, it is important to find coping mechanisms that work, which will be different from patient to patient. For some, it may be finding enjoyment in activities they engaged in prior to diagnosis, taking time for appreciating life and expressing gratitude, volunteering, physical exercise... Of prime importance, studies have shown that accepting the disease as a part of one’s life is a key to effective coping, as well as focusing on mental strength to allow the patient to move on with life. In this section we are addressing some topics that patients experience during and after treatment and we are providing information to address them.

Individual Funding

Jonathan & Ruben - Marathon des Sables

Jonathan & Ruben - Marathon des Sables

They made it! And how!

These two great friends and ultrarunners, Jonathan Blondeel and Ruben Schoenmaekers, have finished the Marathon des Sables, the toughest race in the world, very recently, and raised the incredible amount of 12000 EUR to the benefit of our organization and (ex)breast cancer patients! We are beyond grateful for this amazing donation and for knowing these two great guys with a heart (and a physical condition) of gold!

Thank you so much Jonathan and Ruben for all your efforts and for putting a smile on so many faces right now! 

A warm thank you also to our proud partners Tietje and Majestic Tree Productions for supporting this campaign, and to Fashiongraphics for the graphic design and printing of the running outfits!

And last but not least, much love to all of you who have donated and supported our runners throughout their journey! You all rock big time! 

Altijd Mooi

Altijd Mooi

Driven to unconditionally safeguard femininity, Always Beautiful assists women affected by breast cancer in care. They do this with a wide range of products (lingerie, swimwear, breast prostheses and wigs).

We are very grateful for the fine cooperation with Altijd Mooi during our events, where they always make a valuable contribution to the well-being of breast cancer patients. We also wish to thank Altijd Mooi in particular for their warm support of the Beautiful After Breast Cancer Foundation, with a generous contribution of 10,000 euros.

Zonta Club Aalst

Zonta Club Aalst

Zonta Club Aalst is part of Zonta International, a leading global organisation of professionals committed to improving the situation of women worldwide. We strive to empower women through service and advocacy.

Zonta Club Aalst has donated 4000 Euro to BABC!

Thank you very much for this beautiful gift!

Inner Wheel Midden West

Inner Wheel Midden West

In 2023 we received through Dr. Karlien Van De Sijpe, plastic surgeon at D&E Kliniek , a fantastic donation of 5.500 EUR from Inner Wheel Midden-West D62 integral to support our organization. A wonderful team of women dedicated to breast cancer patients.

We would like to thank Inner Wheel and everyone who contributed to this wonderful donation. Your support means a lot and will contribute immensely to the work we do for breast cancer patients and their families. Your gift is heartwarming and will make a difference for many.

Very grateful for your wonderful support!

Soroptimist Oudenaarde Vlaamse Ardennen

Soroptimist Oudenaarde Vlaamse Ardennen

After the Prima La Musica concert at Bijloke Ghent, a wonderfully friendly delegation from Soroptimist Oudenaarde Vlaamse Ardennen presented our Foundation with a check of 2,000 euros! This fantastic team of women raised the funds by organizing a pop-up restaurant that drew in around four hundred people. Thank you so very much Soroptimist Oudenaarde!

Rotary Club Ostend

Rotary Club Ostend

In 1923, John Bauwens and Washington Serruys joined forces in Ostend and decided to work for change with a network of committed citizens. That was the birth of Rotary Club Ostend - the oldest service club in our country.

On Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, 2023, Rotary Ostend celebrated its centennial in the Kursaal of Ostend.
On that festive occasion, a check worth 2,500 euros was presented to our Foundation.
Thank you very much for this much appreciated support!