Christine Van Velthoven

   A trained Psychologist, Christine Van Velthoven started her career as a selection and recruitment consultant in 1976, working in the field of government, energy, food/retail, electronics as well as social services. In 1980 Christine cofounded CPM (Consultants in Personnel Management) together with Hugo De Mey. In 1982 she took on the position of a branch director of the office in Gent, Belgium, and in 2001 was appointed CEO of the company, setting out the future company strategy. Besides several board memberships and chairmanships of professional associations, Christine also has a broad cultural interest: she is a member of the board of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and the International Club of Flanders. and a member of the Warande Business Club.


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A unique vision on HRM
by Christine Van Velthoven and Luc Zutterman

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